Chamber of Commerce members’ benefits


Discount on an annual subscription to the TendersPage platform and exclusively for chambers of commerce members affiliated with the AWTCC

Advantages of the platform

Allows you to network in your industry and meet your future partners, collaborators, distributors, or customers, from here and elsewhere.

Public markets are served by a host of private companies like yours. It's an ecosystem full of dynamic companies, and you'll have access to information and contact details of key people. You can then contact them directly to develop your business. It's a wealth of opportunities that you must exploit.

Automatically detects opportunities on a daily basis

Don't waste time searching for opportunities on hundreds of bid sites, Tenderspage will deliver them automatically 365 days a year.

Allows you to identify new growing markets (domestic or foreign)

Support your territorial expansion or export decisions with market data by knowing the number of opportunities and their monetary value before you take your first actions.

Allows you to do
competitive research

Perform real-time competitive analysis with Tenderspage by knowing which competitor is winning what, when, at what price and in which market so that you can adapt your offer to that market.

Market watch benefits

TendersPage is the world's largest search engine, listing more than 50,000 tenders per day, in 200 countries. We analyze, filter, and deliver to you daily only those opportunities that are relevant for you. Our powerful algorithms allow for a very granular selection, based on a set of semantic rules using keywords, industry codes and inclusion/exclusion rules, ensuring that you only receive opportunities that are relevant to your objectives, for maximum efficiency.


Detection of over 50,000 new business opportunities daily


Preselect opportunities relevant to your organization, based on fully customizable search criteria.


Identification of the most promising export markets in your industry, for your products and services.


Real-time analysis of the competition through markets won by your competitors.


Access to 10 years of market data and millions of awards.

Unique network

Access to a unique network of potential clients, business partners and partner companies.

What our clients say

"TendersPage has become an essential tool to increase our sales and to evaluate our developmental strategies for our franchise network. We have reached a higher level of knowledge of our market, its players, and above all we can rely on solid information to accelerate with confidence. The support from the Tenderspage team of specialists is impeccable!"

John Deere

"The TendersPage platform is a complete tool. In addition to finding business opportunities, the platform allows us to prospect, do market research and develop a real business network."

Mastercard - International

"TendersPage is the ideal platform to find and alert us of relevant tenders. Often we are alerted before the tender is published on the original site. The customer service is fast and efficient. Whenever we have a question, we receive an answer as soon as possible."


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